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The Applications Engineering team is always ready to assist you. This dedicated group provides you and your customers with a comprehensive range of proven preventive, diagnostic, remedial, and repair services to solve all your technical problems.

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We understand that delays cause problems which may cost a lot in terms of production shutdown, project penalties, a company's reputation, and so on. With the purpose of helping customers improve such situations and giving customers more convenience, Advantech iPlanet Care has a AOnline AE team to provide our clients a 24/7 non-stop global technical support service.

iPlanet Forum

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iPlanet forum is an open platform for sharing knowledge , discussing technical issues and exchanging information in different vertical markets and embedded technologies. The discussion topics of this forum include technical consultations, project plans and sharing experiences. With specific discuss zones, people can easily find success stories and share their unique experiences and skills. This forum also provides people with system integration know-how and project planning tools.

If you have any special ideas or face any difficulty that can’t be solved, you are welcome to use this forum to search for help and we encourage you to share your experiences with others.

The topics of this forum are in three zones: Industrial Automation, Embedded Computing, and Intelligent Services.